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Actors Grant Stott and Shauna McDonald presented the 2023 awards at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on Sun 11 Jun. 

No awards were granted in 2021 due to the Corona Virus lockdown, which saw many theatres and companies closed to audiences for almost two years.

The 2020 Awards were presented subsequently to recipients at the 2022 ceremony in Glasgow.

Winners were announced at the Tramway, Glasgow on Sun 9 June. Special guest presenter was Giles Havergal.

Special guest presenter was Blythe Duff hosted the 2018 awards at the Perth Theatre, Sun 10 June.

Held at the Festival Theatre Edinburgh, on Sun 11 June. Special guest presenter was Gavin Mitchell.

Edinburgh Festival Theatre

12 June

Discovery Point, Dundee

4 June

Edinburgh Festival Theatre

13 June

Tolbooth, Stirling

5 June

Edinburgh Festival Theatre

14 June

Tolbooth, Stirling

6 June

Traverse Theatre

9 June

Oran Mor

15 June

No Ceremony

Tron Theatre 

10 June

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

10 June

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