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About Us

A Rich Legacy

With another year upon us, we’re honoured to continue our tradition of recognising exceptional companies and  individuals for their contributions to the Scottish Theatre industry. Organised annually and awarded by the theatre critics of Scotland the CATS Awards continue to celebrate the very best in Scottish theatre

Browse this website to learn more about our upcoming award ceremony and nominees, past winners, sponsor information and more.


The Critics.

The CATS judging panel consists of some of Scotland’s leading theatre critics. Here are the people who make up the current judging panel. 

Recognising Excellence

The Critics Awards for theatre in Scotland has been established with a singular purpose -- to recognise and celebrate the excellence of the Scottish theatre industry. We believe that the key to this recognition is through a robust and detailed judging process. Our criteria are designed to cover all relevant aspects of a theatrical performance, with a focus on the overall quality of the production. We believe that this process is critical in recognizing the talents and hard work of Scotland's theatrical community. Therefore, we strive to follow our criteria as closely as possible, to identify and reward only the best performances.

To find out more about the judging process click here.

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