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Meet our New Sponsor

Hair designer Scott Cooper and his Glasgow based business, BB Hair Collective, has become the latest sponsor of CATS.

BB Hair Collective will join the current regular sponsors of our awards ceremony at the upcoming 2024 presentation, which this year will be held at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow on June 16. They will be sponsoring the Best Design category - this feels very apt, as Design not only covers the more usually associated areas of set, lighting and costume but, of course, also includes hair and make-up.

In an interview for the Sunday National with our own co-convenor, journalist and theatre critic Mark Brown, Scott explained:

"I was sitting at last year's CATS Awards and what I really liked, when I looked at the images of the nominees up on the screen, was that they were so diverse, in every way you could image. I loved this!"

This in turn set him thinking about the lack of provision (at times) of specialist hair care for actors of colour. Scott and his company are themselves renowned ambassadors of inclusivity and he wants, by means of this sponsorship, to further highlight the growing need for more specialist training within the industry to better reflect and cater for the diversity we see on stage.

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